Graduates in Well Expertise
Open article

Date: 05/07/2021

Despite the pandemic that hit the industry hard last year, the end of 2020 was a busy year for Well Expertise (WE). WE saw the need to employ more resources and among the people we hired were two graduates- Lene and Karina. Both started December 2020, Karina as a HSE Graduate and Lene as a Graduate Drilling Engineer.

Lene and Karina describes what they have been included in and how it is to be working for Well Expertise as graduates:

Lene says that starting at Well Expertise has given her the opportunity to be part of many aspects within a well project. She has been part of several projects where she has among other tasks been contributing to Drilling Programs, Offset Analysis, Casing Design with use of Oliasoft, Detailed Operating Procedure, Time Estimations, HPHT well planning, Kick Tolerance calculations, Barrier Schematic, Casing Tally etc. Lene also participated in the finalization of the tender for OMV, where WE were rewarded a frame agreement earlier this year. Since she started 6 months ago, she describes her learning as steep, and she has received valuable help and follow-up from the other senior engineers in the company. Lene is currently on Borgland Dolphin as a Drilling Engineer/Logistics Engineer, and according to herself the offshore trip has so far been a very interesting and educational experience. 

Karina describes her day to day work the first 6 months as a member of the WE team as extremely eventful. She has been included in planning of four different projects, as well as the follow- up of the Oselvar PP&A campaign by tracking trends on the rig. Karina has contributed to regulatory applications, both internal and external procedures, project documentation, such as bridging documents, tender process and rig intake documentation. She has attended Audit-Review &Verifications activities, risk assessments and been involved in several of our digitalization projects. One of the software is built to capture and cross organizational share lessons learned with the potential of giving a lift to the whole industry. Another ongoing software development process she has been involved with is the Rig Intake tool PreWellX. PreWellX is an innovative solution making the rig intake process more time and cost efficient for both rig contractor and the operator with its built-in automated features and easy access to historical data. According to herself, she believes that she has been more fortunate than others being part of a broader span of tasks in a relatively short time and learned more than other HSE personnel would use years to get to know.

The graduates point out the great broad educational experience and the working environment as the best parts of working in Well Expertise. Even though social distancing has put a damper on the social activities, WE have managed to arrange a dinner, lunch, and different sporting events for smaller groups. 

The first month working in Well Expertise, Lene and Karina did a great job planning the yearly Christmas lunch, where they were also introduced to the whole team, some unfortunate through Teams due to Covid-19. There was also arranged for a smaller dinner where they got the opportunity to meet all the different disciplines in the office. 

Lene, a former cross-country skier and Karina as a former football player (just like the rest of the HSE WE Team) are looking forward to the sport activities starting up again after the pandemic. They say that there are a lot of competitive co-workers, some who participated in a half-marathon last year, and they are eager to participate in this year’s competitions and other team building events put on hold from last year. 

Karina ends with the following: “The comfort of knowing that the WE team is having our back and at the same time professionally challenging us, makes every day rewarding and educational. I recall the teachers in school saying, “my door is always open”. In school it did ‘not really make a difference and I never really grasped the value, now I do.”

A busy summer ahead for Well Expertise! WE have also hired an intern to assist with logistics for the summer, ensuring equipment and personnel arriving the rig on time. 

WE wish you a safe and enjoyable summer!