Well Expertise takes digitalisation seriously and we are continuously improving our work processes by leveraging digital technologies.

We are developing our own software to improve the well planning process as well as currently being in the process of developing a groundbreaking Rig intake Software that will be commercialised in Q3 2021. Well Expertise has also developed a fully autonomous marine surveillance system in cooperation with Raytheon and have a working partnership with Oliasoft to improve the way we work.

WE Report
Intuitive MoC, NC, Incident and Improvement Reporting software. Automatic notification when due date approaches and reference to risk matrix and risk impact/probability.
R2S is updated quarterly by our QHSE specialists to ensure all regulatory requirements are easily at hand.
Supplier Management module where all audits, verifications and reviews done by Well Expertise and our clients are available. All KPI of suppliers managed and stored by the system to easily see and capture trends.
WEMS Digital
Well Expertise Digital Management System. Easy availability of the operational procedures our clients uses from our management system as well as all relevant NORSOK standards.
Our Lessons Learned software used in our projects by all on- and offshore personnel. Searchable and automatic e-mail notification to discipline lead for approval.
CMS Portal
Well Expertise’s Chemical Management System – from AfD to annual reporting. Keeping track of all chemicals planned used, incl. needed HOCNFs, securing all input to AfD, chemical accounting, input to EoW Report and Annual report to NEA.
Module that can be adjusted to operator needs, to report and track environmental footprint from all operations and activities. Client specific, currently used by Wellesley.

Well Expertise and Presight Solution are in the process of developing a digitalized and standardized rig intake tool to ensure a more efficient and transparent rig intake. The tool will have automated data collection from the rig contractors and have features for displaying and generating rig intake, barrier status and summary reports. Other features are:

  • Rig Selection
  • Rig Acceptance
  • Rig Performance
  • Rig Carbon Footprint

The project is currently being piloted in parallel with the standard and manual rig intake of Borgland Dolphin for the PP&A and exploration campaign for DNO, INEOS and Wellesley.  preWell X is planned commercialized in Q3-Q4 2021.